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Nonton dan download film Blok M (Bakal Lokasi Mejeng) (1990) terbaru

Blok M (Bakal Lokasi Mejeng) (1990)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 83 MenitDilihat: 488 views

This film appears to have been inspired by a trend in teenage behavior: hanging out at the Blok M shopping center. At that time, Blok M was like a miniature Jakarta, reflecting all of the excesses of the capital city. It is, therefore, not surprising that the building of this atmosphere takes up a good deal of the beginning of the film before the actual story gets underway. High school student Lola (Deasy Ratnasari), who is lonely and bored at home, forms a gang with three of her friends, and they spend their free time hanging around in various places in Blok M. Another student from their school, Cindy (Paramitha Rusady), also hangs out there, but for a very different reason. Her mother is ill and they can barely afford to buy the necessary medicine and keep both Cindy and her two younger siblings in school. Cindy hangs out in Blok M trying to make a little money on the side as an amateur hooker in order to help her mother out with the family expenses. By chance, Lola finds out about Cindy’s prostitution and the two girls become embroiled in a heated conflict. Eventually, as Lola becomes aware of Cindy’s family situation, she changes her attitude and befriends Cindy. * Nomination for Supporting Actress (Paramitha Rusady) at 1990 Indonesian Film Festival.

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