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Bulan di Atas Kuburan (2015)

Bulan di Atas Kuburan (2015)

In the village, Sabar (Tio Pakusadewo) shows off his success as a coal entrepreneur in Jakarta. Consequently, Tigor (Donny Alam) and Sahat (Rio Morrow) tempted to migrate to Jakarta.

Their hopes and dreams start to crumble immediately, upon seeing Sabar’s house is only in slums and living hand to mouth. Sabar’s fantasy makes him often quarrelling with his wife.

Sabar, Tigor, and Sahat are trying to live in Jakarta in their own way. Tigor who initially returns to public transportation drivers, leter joins a group of thugs. Sahat who aspire to be a writer, chooses to marry Mona (Atiqah Hasiholan). Mona is the daughter of a books publisher.