Cinta Brontosaurus (2013)

Cinta Brontosaurus (2013)

Dika (Raditya Dika), a writer, has just ended his relationship with Nina (Pamela Bowie). Since then he believes that love can get expired. Kosasih (Soleh Solihun), Dika’s literary agent, tries to make Dika believes in love again, just as what Kosasih feels with his wife Wanda (Tyas Mirasih). His effort brings Dika to a series of absurd encounters.

Love can come sans preparation. Dika meets Jessica (Eriska Rein), who shares Dika’s uncommon way of thinking. The more he gets to know her, the deeper he delves: is it true that love can get expired?

Meanwhile Soe Lim (Ronny P. Tjandra) makes an offer to film Dika’s book, Cinta Brontosaurus. Dika tries to write the script. A problem rises as Soe Lim wants to change the original script into a horror script that’s in demand.