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Nonton dan download film Dunia Dalam Kita (2017) terbaru

Dunia Dalam Kita (2017)

Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 11.673 views

Arif (Ringgo Agus Rahman), an urban young man who began to feel bored and feel saturated with his way of life. One day he decided to quit his job as a finance in one of the banks and decided to move to Bandung to try to find a new world in his hometown.Life is unpredictable, the encounter can not be planned, behind an event there will be a memorable meaning. Meeting with different kinds of people, ARIF is trying to find its true identity. At EIGER COFFEE ARIF meets BERRY (Ramon Y Tungka) The Baristayang becomes his friend who always gives a new view of a belief, and a meeting with a woman named DINDA (Nadine Chandrawinata) awakens the spirit to become a new person. Meanwhile, he also meets with the adventurous characters who make him want to find something new in him. Will ARIF discover this new world in this adventure?

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