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Nonton film Hi5teria (2012) terbaru

Hi5teria (2012)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 97 MenitDilihat: 2.338 views
5 voting, rata-rata 7,0 dari 10

Wayang Koelit (Leather Shadow Puppets) — Chairun Nissa and Adi Baskoro

It’s a story about an American journalist when covering a show of shadow play. He smells something fishy about the show of which the players are all women. Afterward he experiences a lot of mystic terrors, unable to realize that he has fallen into a trap that’s set up by someone.

Pasar Setan (Ghosts Fair) — Adriyanto Dewo

A woman is searching for her lover that has been lost for three days in the jungle. She gets a help from a hiker that she has just known. Strangely they go in circles. At night the jungle turns into a fanfare and weird sightings. One morning it even gets stranger when the hiker finds that the woman is missing.

Kotak Musik (Musical Box) — Billy Christian and Adi Baskoro

Farah, a young scientist, has a modern mind and mistrusts superstitions. She always demands scientific explanations for strange phenomenons. But an event changes everything. A frightful supranatural power threatens her and the only thing she can do is to believe.

Loket (Ticket Booth) — Harvan Agustriyansyah

A ticket man posted in a mall experiences a strange event. At first he sees a child crying and knocking at his booth. Unexpectedly the child leads him to a heinous murder that is happening at the moment and later on threatens him too.

Palasik (Palasik is a mystical creature of West Sumatra, believed as a beheaded figure who’s thirst for blood) — Nicho Yudifar

A couple of husband and wife, and their child, are having a vacation and staying in a villa in a small West Sumatran town. A holiday supposed to be fun turns into a nightmare when they’re terrorized by the appearance of a decapitated figure.

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