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Kacaunya Dunia Persilatan (2015)

Kacaunya Dunia Persilatan (2015)

The martial arts world is shocked by the loss of God Heirloom Sword stored safely in Golden Monkey School of Martial Arts. God Heirloom Sword is the symbol of peace. If fallen into the hands of irresponsible warrior, then the martial world would be chaotic. Gold Monkey’s Supreme Master, Old Monkey, commands his disciples to find that sword.

Old Monkey also requests the help from the White Group, like Si Buta Dari Gua Buat Elu, Broma Membara, Mantiloh, and Wira Sobling. White Group suspect Black Group is behind this case. They are Panci Tengkorak, Datuk Berdahak, Siluman Antik, and Pendekar Mabuk Asmara. The fight is won by the White Group, but God Heirloom Sword is still not found.