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Kata Hati (2013)

Kata Hati (2013)

Randi (Boy Hamzah), a photographer, is heartbroken since Dera (Kimberly Ryder) left him and chose to focus on her career as a model. Fila (Joanna Alexandra) loves Adrian (Arnhezy Arczhanka), her bestfriend for ten years. Fila loves him very much but she’s scared to let him know what she feels until Adrian leaves for study abroad.

Randi and Fila meet in a cafe. Fila is curious, watching Randi who always looks disheveled in the corner, occupies himself with his camera. Meanwhile Randi is interested in Fila’s cheerfulness which finally brings a new color in his life. They help each other heal. Fila makes Randi laugh and Randi makes Fila feel that she’s not alone.

Whey their relationship gets stronger, Dera returns. It changes everything. Dera poses a question for Randi to answer. Who will he choose: Dera or Fila? Randi tries to listen to the voice of his heart to find the answer.