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Nonton film Kekasih (2008) terbaru

Kekasih (2008)

DEWASAGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 98 MenitDilihat: 1.061 views

Jiwo’s father, Japati, is a servant in the Jogja palace, who died saving a drowning member of the Yogyakarta royalty. Sasmita who was then pregnant with Jiwo makes a living by working as a “batik” cloth maker. To fill his spare time, Jiwo trains his beloved dove, Bintang. In a road accident, Bintang dies. Jiwo blames the driver, Mr. Jon, and the passenger, Maria, who is at the same age as Jiwo. Maria’s father, Danurdono, is the son of Eyang Suryo, a blue blood of the Yogyakarta royalty. Maria’s mother is Lestari, a commoner and a “batik” cloth maker. At first, Eyang Suryo disapproves of the marriage, as Lestari does not have the social status to marry into a royal family. However, Lestari proves herself with hard work and perseverance. Maria feels guilty about the death of Jiwo’s bird and gives another dove for Jiwo. Then, Jiwo accepts Maria as his friend and they share many happy times. Then Maria has to go to Singapore for her liver treatment, leaving Jiwo in the dark and distraught. When she returns, Jiwo is overjoyed and they become lovers. Her husband is afraid that their relationship will anger Eyang Suryo. But Lestari argues that her daughter is happy with Jiwo. Later, the couple has an accident and Maria is in a coma. Then Jiwo finds out that Maria needs a liver transplant to survive. She is also two months pregnant. Jiwo wants to become a liver donor but it turns out that Danurdono is already donating his liver to Maria. Eyang Suryo reveals that Jiwo’s father, Japati, saved the life of his son, Danurdono, 18 years ago. In the epilogue, Maria is playing with her child, and Jiwo, reads a letter from Eyang Suryo, revealing that Eyang donated his liver instead and dies after the transplant. Then Maria and Jiwo marry which is Eyang Suryo’s last wish.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia