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LDR (2015)

LDR (2015)

Carrie’s (Mentari de Marelle) dream to go to Verona, Juliet’s city residence, has been answered. From childhood, Carrie had fallen in love with the story of Romeo and Juliet. Carrie believes, there must be a Romeo for her.

Unexpectedly, fate brings her to meet Demas (Verrell Bramasta), a young man who has just been broken by his girlfriend, Alexa (Aurelie Moremans), after six years they had long distance relationship.

Carrie who originally helps Demas to get Alexa back, ends up falling in love with Demas. Carrie thinks, if he is the Romeo? Then, Carrie meets Paul (Al Ghazali), a successful young novelist. Paul’s annoying style and arrogant, even makes Carrie fall in love with him. Is Paul actually the Romeo?