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Nonton film Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994) terbaru

Pencet Sana Pencet Sini (1994)

Genre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 82 MenitDilihat: 9.309 views

Dono, Kasino, Indro (the famous Warkop DKI comedy trio) really want to have a car, but they do not have any money. Hence, when Dono’s uncle, Dewo Sastro, arrives, they hope to get a car from him. Unfortunately, Dewo Sastro is very stingy so Dono’s request is not granted. Nevertheless, they are not lacking ideas to con the uncle. With the help of their friends, Dono pretends to be kidnapped by a real criminal, Mata Satu, who, is an acquaintance of Indro. Then the criminal demands ransom from Dewo Sastro that is large enough to buy a car for Dono. But the greedy criminaldemands a far greater figure than originally agreed. Dono is even about to be killed for real. But the uncle refuses to budge. Kasino, Indro and their girlfriends have no other choice but to rescue Dono. Later, Dewo Sastro gives a luxurious car to Dono as a reward for successfully capturing Mata Satu.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia