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Nonton film Rumah Bekas Kuburan (2012) terbaru

Rumah Bekas Kuburan (2012)

Genre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 85 MenitDilihat: 1.946 views
3 voting, rata-rata 1,5 dari 10

Karina never knows that Larasati is Danu’s lawful wife. Under economic pressure, Karina is willing to get married to Danu. Several days after their wedding, Larasati comes to confront Danu and Karina at their newly bought house. Larasati goes berserk but Danu is stronger. Larasati is tossed, falling upon her child, and both die tragically. Danu buries her and her child in his yard at night. As the consequence of the inappropriate burial, Larasati and her child awaken and seek revenge from Karina.

After Danu is gone, Larasati comes to Karina as a beautiful kuntilanak and forces her to marry for five times. Strangely after each lawful wedding Karina’s husband dies. She also has to perform strange rituals such as floral bath with seven flowers and spices steam bath for the sake of Larasati’s spirit’s preservation. At first Karina refuses but Larasati threatens to kill Shendy, Karina’s only child from Danu. Karina has married for three times, two more and her job is done.

Joe, Erik, Susan and Feby rent rooms at Karina’s place. Larasati returns to see Karina and force her to marry Joe and Erik. Karina relies on her personal clairvoyant, Teh Lilis, to charm both victims.

Karina is successfully married to Joe. Joe’s death is a matter of time, all the more after Feby dies tragically. Erik, too, finally falls to Karina’s trap. Asep, a clairvoyant is asked to get rid of Susan, who resists and, with Rani’s help, her college mate, goes to see Mang Koja, another clairvoyant.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia

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