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Rumah Pasung (2016)

Rumah Pasung (2016)

Ryan (Stefan William), Sulthan (Wafda Saifan) and Mayang (Yudittia Mayang) is the crew for tv program, Horror Calling. Ryan acts as host of the program. Mayang, an indigo, shows the appearance of supernatural apparitions. While Sultan is the cameraman.

One day Ryan has to attend the funeral of his biological father. Harsono and Ratna, Ryan’s parents, unmask Ryan’s past. Ryan is adopted son. Through Harsono, Ryan’s father, Gunawan, left a house which is located very far outside the city.

Ryan and Farah (Natasha Wilona), his girlfriend, go to visit the house that has long been neglected. Strange, terrible, and thrilling happenings threaten their safety. Farah has hallucinations.

Ryan is curious. Then he calls his colleagues from the Horror Calling. After Mayang performs spiritual overlay, she sees the ghost of a woman “rising”, as a result of someone reading mantra. The spirit is Yasmin.