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Nonton film Sang Martir (2012) terbaru

Sang Martir (2012)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 90 MenitDilihat: 6.884 views

Rangga (Adipati Dolken), a 20 year old student lives in an orphanage since he was a child, with his sister, Sarah (Ghina Salsabila). This orphanage belongs to Hajj Rachman (Jamal Mirdad) and his wife, Hajjah Rosna (Henidar Amroe), who have no children of their own. They’ve become the parents for the orphans.

One day an orphan called Lili (Widy Vierra), 17 year old, is raped by Jerink (Edo Borne), a local thug. Among the thugs, the boss is Rambo (Tio Pakusadewo), Jerink’s brother. Rangga, always hates thugs’ ways, asks Jerink to hold responsibility. Both get into a duel and Jerink dies by his own knife. Rangga is sentenced to jail for three years. Rambo then sends people to murder him in jail but these guys fail to avenge Rambo’s brother’s death.

Rangga’s cell mate is Father Josep, someone who protects him. Father Josep is put into jail during an Ambon case, and this wise man fully realizes that Ambon riots Are a part of a conspiracy to distract people from other issues. Their different faiths don’t prevent them from respecting each other. Rangga even considers Father Josep as his own father.

It has been tragic in the orphanage after Rangga went into jail, with the death of Hajj Rachman in the hands of Rambo who wants to take over the orphanage land. He stops the orphans from going to school and makes them become beggars. Arman, Rangga’s bestfriend there, has his foot amputated for having resisted against Rambo’s land usurpation after Hajj Rachman is poisoned.

When Rangga is free, Rambo’s people are ready to butcher him. They chase him until he gets cornered on a dead end street, but then there comes a car, full of other thugs who rescue him and finish off Rambo’s people. This other gang of thugs are Jerry’s (Ray Sahetapy) people, Rambo’s mortal enemy. To Jerry, whoever kills Rambo’s men is his brother, as he says to Rangga.

As a matter of fact Jerry has his own interest and Rangga later on is employed as his drug courier. Jerry is a man of charisma, the ruler of a region of Christian majority as well as the biggest donator in his church.

Rangga stays in a rented house owned by Jerry near the church. Almost every day Cinta (Nadine Alexandra) stands up outside the church. Rangga is curious to see the girl praying outside. Cinta is apparently disappointed over her neighborhood and carries out her protests by standing outside the church until the local people, the priests included, are brave enough to speak for truth and justice. She doesn’t hate the religion nor the church. She is actually a victim of rape by Daniel (Ganindra Bimo), Jerry’s brother. Father Bono (Adi Kurdi) knows about it but he’s too scared to speak out.

Rangga and Cinta get to know each other and fall in love. Cinta works in a toy factory managed by Jerry, a camouflage for his business. The toys are in truth a cover up for the drugs.

The territorial conflict between Rambo’s and Jerry’s gangs heats up the situation. It gets worse when Rambo accepts an order from a corruptor to distract the public’s attention from his case by waging gang wars and planning a church bombing. Rambo aims for a church in Jerry’s territory. As the ruler of the orphanage, Rambo forces Rangga to become a martyr in place of the orphans’ safety. Rangga faces a dilemma: to save the orphans or follow Rambo’s order to bomb the church.

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