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Nonton film Sang Pemberani (2014) terbaru

Sang Pemberani (2014)

RemajaGenre: Action, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 95 MenitDilihat: 1.052 views

Madi Ghafur, junior high school brave boy, obsesses to become a national karate champion like Diwa, his brother who died in the Aceh tsunami. Sarifah, Madi ‘s mother, is actually proud of his son’s ideals. But, his unstable teenager mentality is causing Madi lost to Nirza in the regional karate selection. Madi silences all friends who laugh at his defeat. As a result, Sarifah who make a living by being a washing coolie, lose her customers, because Madi battered customers’ kids.

Not given tuition karate training, Madi determines to find the money himself. Secretly, Madi is hired by Bang Adoi, a friend of his late father, who swerved into ‘security guard’ at the market. With his karate ability, Madi is able to arrest pickpockets and freebooters who are bigger than him.

Madi determines studying karate from Sensei Azwar, an old sensei who disappeared from the karate world. The tsunami that killed his wife and children, changed Sensei Anwar to be a covered personal and sensitive. He is busy with his big bike, rather than talking to other people.

One day, Madi help Surya, Anwar’s workshop assistant, who is attacked by a group of thugs that tries to rob the workshop. Anwar appears and shows his mature karate techniques that long had not been used. Madi gets to be a single student of Sensei Azwar. Opportunity arises and Madi successfully be representative of Aceh who joined the national training centre.

In the midst of the intrigues in the national training centre, Madi befriends with Azim and Vina. The three of them are parts of eight young karateka eligible to Bali Open champinoship. In Bali, Madi visits Sensei Kusnadi, who transfered his karate knowledge to Madi ‘s late father.

Powered by talent and trained by two renowned Sensei makes Madi win a gold medal and qualify to the Kids Karate World Championship in Japan.

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