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Nonton film Sepatu Dahlan (2014) terbaru

Sepatu Dahlan (2014)

SEMUA UMURGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 98 MenitDilihat: 3.076 views

Dahlan is the third of four children. Two sisters attending college and her brother, Zain, was a student at the Elementary School. Dahlan’s father works odd jobs, while the mother is a batik maker. They lives in the village of Kebun Dalem, Magetan. Little Dahlan dreams to have shoes and bike to go to school. Dahlan’s dream brings him into a colorful adventure.

One day Dahlan tries to help his mother, but he spills the wax and damage the batik fabric ordered by their neighbours. A few days later, after school he finds his mother lying and vomiting blood. The mother is hospitalized in the city of Madiun, Zain and Dahlan left at home alone.

One day Dahlan went to school Maryati who rides her bike. Maryati forced Dahlan to learn to ride a bike that morning. Alas, Dahlan and the bike fall into the ditch. His clothes is soaked, Dahlan has to return home. Unexpectedly his mother dies. Maryati bike has to is replaced by Dahlan’s goats.

Dahlan is active in the organization and activities when sitting at the junior high school. Dahlan was selected as the captain of the volleyball team. One day Dahlan and volleyball team will follow the championship of Magetan city level. The desire for shoes grows more passionate.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia