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Nonton dan download film Tanah Mama (2015) terbaru

Tanah Mama (2015)

SEMUA UMURGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 62 MenitDilihat: 936 views

In this moving story of life in Papua, a mother lives in endless struggle while raising her four children. Halosina is trying to feed four children in a highland hamlet in Wamena without her husband’s support.

With her husband, Hosea; Halosina originally lived in Yahukimo, about five hours away from Wamena by foot. In Yahukimo, it is a husband’s duty to tend to prepare fields for their wives. Once the crops are ready, it is a wife’s job to grow vegetables and sell the harvest in markets to make ends meet.

Hosea, a polygamist with another wife and family, does not join the workforce in setting up the fields for Halosina, leaving her in uncertainty. Without no money in her pocket, Halosina must pick yams from her sister-in-law’s field to feed her family.

The situation worsens as the sister-in-law, who owns the field along with some other women, considers Halosina’s act as theft, which costs Halosina Rp 500.000 or one pig in fines. Carrying too much of a burden on her shoulders, Halosina moves to the neighboring hamlet of Anjelma along with her children. The move is also a protest against Halosina’s husband, who does nothing to settle her problems.

One day, Hosea visits to talk over their problems. For Halosina, it is the chance to address Hosea’s inability to provide her with a field—or to stand up for her over the stealing issue. “All you can think of is just sex,” snaps Halosina to Hosea, referring to her husband’s polygamy, while neglecting their children.

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