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Nonton film Tebus (2011) terbaru

Tebus (2011)

Genre: Thriller
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 94 MenitDilihat: 455 views

To protect his family name, Rony Danuatmaja gets his driver, Joko, to take the blame for a crime by his son, Alaric. Now Joko faces a death sentence. Sukatmini, Joko’s mother and his siblings, Sulis and Jiman, come to plead with Rony. But Rony’s anger over Alaric’s death, from a drug overdose, makes him rape Sulis. The young Jiman is a witness to this crime but was helpless to stop it. After Joko’s death sentence is carried out, Sulis and Jiman return to their village. Sulis commits suicide due to the trauma of rape. The loss of two children causes Sukatmini to die of sadness. Jiman, the only survivor, is filled with revenge and his chance arrives when Rony’s family is vacationing in a remote villa.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia